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About Us

Housing By Nature comes from years of experience in the construction industry.  We combine 3 generations of knowledge and experience to develop all our projects in a sustainable and co2-neutral way. We challenge ourselves as well as our partners to go one step further when developing residential real estate.

Green Buildings



At Housing By Nature, we develop with a future in mind. On average, the life cycle of a building is 60 to 80 years, after which it is often demolished (resulting in a huge mountain of waste) or must undergo intensive renovation work to extend its life cycle. Before the start of construction, optimizations in to building are considered. This way, we were always able to push the boundaries compared to the legal framework by lowering the E-level, among other things:
- Residence Enviro: Legal framework demands E70. E40 was reached after construction.
- Pierre-Elise: Legal framework demands E40. E30 was reached after construction.
- Residence Marcel: CO2-neutral after construction.

Our buildings are designed with central compartments and load-bearing lines, around which the layout can be freely determined. In this way, the function of our buildings can easily be adapted in the future without extensive demolition. In this way we also reduce the waste produced during a change of function or renovation work.

In addition, together with the construction team we make conscious material choices in such a way that a large proportion of the materials used can easily be disassembled and reused. In this way we take a step towards the circular use of materials and close the waste producing cycles.

With Housing By Nature, we develop residential real estate projects that are future-proof. In doing so, we explore the possibilities of building in a sustainable and future-oriented way and we try to contribute to the transition from a conventional to a sustainable building sector in which responsible building is a priority.

CO2 neutrality is always central to our projects. Together with Vinçotte and co2-logic, we are joining forces to achieve this goal. 

Climate change is one of the, if not the most important point on the political agenda worldwide. By building in a CO2 neutral way, we take our responsibility in neutralizing our CO2 emissions instead of passing the problem on to future generations.

How does this translate into your home? CO2 neutrality in a building or home means that no additional CO2 was added to the atmosphere during the construction of your home. CO2 is produced during various construction and manufacturing processes. Through a smart choice of sustainable materials, we limit the CO2 emissions of our projects. To completely neutralize our carbon footprint, we take the necessary actions to reduce the remaining emissions until we reach a carbon neutral project.

In addition to CO2 neutral development, we also focus on offering alternative housing concepts. Co-housing and cooperative living are two of them.

Wooden House

The world is reaching the tipping point beyond which climate change may become irreversible. If this happens, we risk denying present and future generations the right to a healthy and sustainable planet – the whole of humanity stands to lose.

Kofi Annan, Former Secretary-General of UN


A word of explanation: carbon dioxide or CO2 is a product produced by plants, animals and humans. Part of that CO2 is reabsorbed by plants and trees and then converted into oxygen.

Due to our activities (consumption, industrial activities, transport, ...) the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere has increased significantly over the years and this is harmful to our planet with serious consequences such as global warming as a result.

We need to address this problem now and not leave it for future generations.


As a player within the construction industry, it is our duty to take action and move the construction industry towards sustainability.

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