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Residence Enviro was brought to life in collaboration with Triodos Bank.
Triodos Bank is the only bank in Belgium that focuses on sustainable and transparent banking in all its activities.


Triodos Bank actively participates in the development of a more sustainable society.

That is why Triodos Bank only finances organizations and companies that are actively involved in some aspect of contributing to the positive growth of society or the environment - projects in renewable energy, quality care, sustainable real estate, culture, or social economy. 

Residence Enviro complies with several of the pre-determined Triodos values.

The most important of these is the involvement to better nature and the environment.


Since Residence Enviro achieves an energy efficiency level that is much lower than the pre-defined standard, this project is not only innovative, but above all, very sustainable in terms of the environment and nature.

In order to achieve this rating, extensive research was carried out prior to construction in regards to the optimum materials and techniques that were needed in order to make the building as sustainable as possible.Mobility also plays an important role in this project. The close proximity of public transportation is a tremendous asset for society as well as for the residents.


The E-level shows the energy efficiency of a building. The lower the E-level, the more energy-efficient the building is determined to be. At Residence Enviro a low E-level was accomplished through various well-considered choices:


Solar panels on all flat roofs. 

Energy efficient window glass. 

Premium-quality insulation in walls and roof

Specific airtight construction techniques. 

A ventilation system with heat recovery for each individual apartment. 

A green roof cooling down the temperature in hot summers due to the evapotranspiration process.

All of these choices translate to maximum energy efficiency, which in turns helps the environment and lowers energy bills for the residents. Save the environment as you save money!


Smart living
Easy access

Are you one of those people who prefer to do everything from your smartphone? Well, Enviro allows you to operate your thermostat, open the garage door, and control many other household functions through an app on your smartphone. Your home controls are at your fingertips.

Frustrated because you have too many keys on your keychain? With the combination locks, residents can open the building door and their private apartment with just one key. No more fumbling for keys when your hands are full of groceries.

Accessible to all
Maximum privacy

All areas of the building are easily accessible to those who use a wheelchair, allowing them to easily move about the premises. Even the steps to and from the outdoor areas were designed to be easily accessible by wheelchair.

Have you had bad experiences with noisy neighbours? Your acoustic comfort is ensured with acoustic foam installed on each floor and all individual units built with separated walls. Enjoy your peace and quiet after a long day at work.

Electric car friendly

Do you have an electric car, or are you considering one? The garage is equipped with a New Motion charging Station, allowing you to quickly charge your EV from the convenience of your own home.




The Public Works Company is fully dedicated to creating a pleasant and more manageable environment in the municipalities surrounding Ring Road R0 (Brussels). Mobility around your new home is even getting better. The new A12 Express Tram, Ringtrambus, and Public Transportation to and from Brussels will improve your commute tremendously.

The redevelopment of Ring Road ensures a smoother and safer traffic flow, as well promotes the safe combination of bicycles, public transportation, and cars. Ring Road will now connect rather than divide the area. The project will also improve the existing landscape surrounding the business and industrial parks in the area and create more green zones for bicyclists, hikers, and natural wildlife.


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